Retro Gaming

Commodore 64

  • Space Taxi [Muse Software, 1984]
    Space Taxi is definitely on my top ten list of retro games. I’ve played it ever since I’ve had my original Commodore 64, nearly 18 years ago.
  • Lazarian [Commodore, 1983]
    Based on the Bally Midway arcade game of the same name, Lazarian typifies 70’s arcade game style; topped only by the fact that it was originally released in 1981.
  • Summer Games 1 & 2 [Epyx, 1984 & 1985]
    Several years before Electronic Arts would bring sports gaming to the main stream, Epyx released a series of games that were destined to become classics.
  • Ghostbusters [Activision, 1984]
    The video game industry is filled with adaptations of movies. Most get lost somewhere in that void between a good movie and a good game. Though every once in a while, a good one shines through.

Classic Mac

  • Valkyrie [GameTek Inc., 1993]
    Flight simulators tend to be too realistic (complicated) or not realistic (complicated) enough. Valkyrie strikes that perfect balance for helicopter simulation much in the same way Hellcats does for airplanes.
  • Astro Chase 3D [MacPlay, 1994]
    I played Astro Chase 3D for the first time at the ‘95 Macworld Expo and was hooked instantly. It’s a beautiful game that combines fast action, simple controls and a difficult goal making it a perfect time killer.
  • Spaceship Warlock [Reactor, 1991]
    Spaceship Warlock always stood out in my mind as the best indicator of what interactive movies could become. Though dominated with uninspired and trite titles, the genre quickly died. Spaceship Warlock went above and beyond the common pattern of scene, puzzle, scene to offer unique controls, a memorable style, and an interesting plot.
  • Jared: The Butcher of Song [Freeverse Software, c1995]
    Those of us Mac users that remember System 7 will also remember a certian singing icon named Jared. Jared didn’t do much, just sing. . . badly. But that is why we loved him, go figure.
  • Pararena 2 [Casady & Greene, 1992]
    Created by John Calhoun of Glider fame, Pararena is one of the great hits that never was. I don’t understand why this game was not more popular. It featured clean graphics, memorable characters, and elegantly simple game play.
  • Hellcats Over The Pacific [Graphic Simulations, 1992]
    I’m a fan of old games, and I’m a fan of flight simulators. While I’ve played a large share of the flight sims out there, Hellcats Over The Pacific has always held a special place in my heart.
  • Star Trek 25th Anniversary [MacPlay, 1993]

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