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Chrome Extension: My Tiny Tiny RSS


Last month Google’s spring cleaning announcement, included a rather surprising statement. They announced Google Reader was on the chopping block. Like many, I immediately began a search for alternatives. I finally chose to go with a custom install of Tiny … Continue reading

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The Problem With Twitter Cards

Twitter Cards

I never paid much attention to Twitter Cards, the nicely formatted breakouts which accompany tweets. Most contain website details scraped from social sharing metadata. I recently found out that these cards have their own set of metadata that you can … Continue reading

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Space Anglers: An Experiment in HTML5 Video Games


Join the Space Anglers tournament and compete for the highest score! Grab as many humans as you can before your energy runs out. Space Anglers is my first production in HTML5 <canvas>. It started out as an exploration of the … Continue reading

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JAWS Converter apps released


JAWS Converter has just been released on the Google Play store and the Chrome Web store. Both are free, because sharks deserve to be free. Check out the links below and start measuring your world in terms of sharks! And … Continue reading

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Measure Your World In Terms Of Sharks


Using length of the shark from the movie “JAWS” as the base unit, everything in the universe can be measured in terms of JAWS. The JAWS system was first proposed by Writer/Director/Podcaster Kevin Smith of as a superior method … Continue reading

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