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A Green Zeta Christmas Story


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Fun With Windows Mobile

I recently inherited a Pantech Duo from the wife. She got it for the keyboard, and found windows mobile more frustrating than hacking out words on a number pad. I’m still on the fence between the iPhone and my dreams … Continue reading

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Not 20 Cents Per Gallon, But Still, Not Bad

Well, the results are in. Driving an average of 7mph slower for an entire week did show and increase in fuel efficiency from 36.2 to 37.5 mpg. In fact in the year and a half I have tracked my car … Continue reading

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TV Be Gone

Well not TV the device, TV the service. I have just made my last payment to the horrible bitch goddess that is subscription programming. I’m generally taken aback and amused by the reactions from people I talk to. The Gen … Continue reading

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2008 Tech Anti-Predictions : Things You Won’t See This Year

First entry of 2008! Last week I saw a crap load of technology predictions for 2008. Most just parroted the same wishful thinking we’ve been hearing all last year. In short, there’s a lot I disagree with. That inspired me … Continue reading

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