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Santa Tracker: A Glimpse of Chromecast’s Potential as a Peripheral


It’s Christmas time, and Google is in the business of Santa Tracking. The Santa tracking app has a few new features this year, but my favorite is Chromecast support. The feature is simple, hit the Chromecast button and see Santa’s … Continue reading

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How I Lost My Account Trying to Develop a Brand Through Twitter

As of this past Sunday my twitter account, @greenzeta, has been shut down. Not by choice, but clearly a result of my action. There’s a good story behind it, with some valuable lessons I have learned in using the tweeters: … Continue reading

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Facebook App Center: An App Developer’s Perspective

Screen Shot 2012-05-14 at 10.16.33 PM

There’s certainly no shortage of app stores out there. Now facebook is getting into the game with their new App Center. The facebook App center will provide the same kind of one stop shop experience you get from other app … Continue reading

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The New iPad Hyperopia


According to an article from TechCrunch I read the other day, standard resolution graphics look like crap on The New iPad. This struck me as odd. Apple prides itself in visual presentation and an overwhelming number of apps would look … Continue reading

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How to Make a Custom Google+ Share Button


Every social network has a url which allows you to easily share your site. Facebook’s sharer.php and Twitter’s ?status= are the most common examples. Google plus has one as well: Using that url you can easily make a quick … Continue reading

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