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My Bookshelf


In this picture: SyQuest 44MB drive & cart, Epson branded zip drive, Zip Disk containing BeOS, 33.6 baud modem, U.S. Robotics Palm Pilot Personal w/ cradle & manual. ‘open me’ package from Macintosh SE, Kensington mouse-in-a-box adb edition, original wacom … Continue reading

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It Could Come In Handy Some Day


I came across a blog article the other day that really brought out the old curmudgeon in me: 7 Things I Learned In School That Were Completely Pointless. I think it struck a chord with me because there was a … Continue reading

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A Green Zeta Christmas Story


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Not 20 Cents Per Gallon, But Still, Not Bad

Well, the results are in. Driving an average of 7mph slower for an entire week did show and increase in fuel efficiency from 36.2 to 37.5 mpg. In fact in the year and a half I have tracked my car … Continue reading

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I watched an episode of Systm the other day where the topic was hypermiling. Patric Norton, the host, said a line that really piqued my interest: “Every 5 miles per hour you go over 60 is like paying an extra … Continue reading

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