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Fire TV Stick : Don’t compare it to Chromecast


I set out to compare the Fire TV Stick with Chromecast and soon realized that was a mistake. Chromecast has only one function, play whatever video your phone/tablet/computer tells it to. Chromecast turns your television into a big-screen peripheral for … Continue reading

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5 Great Chromecast Apps That (Mostly) Go Beyond Video


With the Chromecast dev kit well out of beta, app development for the platform is exploding. Early on we saw lots of support for video streaming services. Plex, YouTube and Netflix (in that order) are still my most often used … Continue reading

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Santa Tracker: A Glimpse of Chromecast’s Potential as a Peripheral


It’s Christmas time, and Google is in the business of Santa Tracking. The Santa tracking app has a few new features this year, but my favorite is Chromecast support. The feature is simple, hit the Chromecast button and see Santa’s … Continue reading

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internet TV : How I Gave Up Subscription Television And Love It

The Rationale Two years ago my wife and I decided to give up our DirecTV subscription. The reason was simple, we didn’t watch enough television to justify the eighty dollars a month it cost. There were 5 shows that we … Continue reading

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TV Be Gone

Well not TV the device, TV the service. I have just made my last payment to the horrible bitch goddess that is subscription programming. I’m generally taken aback and amused by the reactions from people I talk to. The Gen … Continue reading

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