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How I Lost My Account Trying to Develop a Brand Through Twitter

As of this past Sunday my twitter account, @greenzeta, has been shut down. Not by choice, but clearly a result of my action. There’s a good story behind it, with some valuable lessons I have learned in using the tweeters: … Continue reading

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The Prize Inside

The idea was born out of my love of fast food, and my need to get out of the office every once in a while. I’d always pick my venue based on what toy I could bring home to the … Continue reading

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JAWS Converter for iOS

Thanks to the Microsoft Cash for Apps program, I had an extra hundred bucks of found money. So just for the hell of it I blew $99 on an Apple iOS developer account. Frankly I was disappointed to learn that, … Continue reading

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Last Tuesday, I spent about 30 minutes completely beside myself. Apple’s Tim Cook was presenting a preview of the new iOS 7. Everyone following the discussion leading up to this event was expecting a visual redesign of iOS. I was … Continue reading

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Developing for the Windows App Store


It all started when some friends suggested I port JAWS Converter over to Windows 8. “Port the Jaws converter to a windows app and get free money. you should make that happen.“ A hundred bucks for an app that’s … Continue reading

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