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Overcoming Phonegap Memory Limits With Local Storage


During development of Turkey Volume Guessing App, it began to crash at random on the iPad 2. Being a Phonegap app, it was the age old problem of memory limits in Mobile Safari. In this case the app is generating … Continue reading

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Turkey Volume Guessing App


With Halloween over, and Christmas not quite here, it’s time for the unsung hero of the holiday trifecta to shine. Thanksgiving means turkey and turkey, more than food, is an accurate way of measuring the volume of any space. Using … Continue reading

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Five Halloween Movies You Might Not Have Heard Of


There’s a long list of movies I watch every October. Most aren’t surprising and you probably have watched them more often than me. But a few of my Halloween staples are somewhat obscure. All are quite cheesy, but I love … Continue reading

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Applying Responsive Design to HTML5 Banner Ads


With the Chrome and Firefox teams making clear plans to deprecate Flash, the de-facto banner ad standard, there has been a frantic push to convert Flash ads to HTML5 format. HTML5 can replicate most of the features of Flash, but … Continue reading

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Fire TV Stick : Don’t compare it to Chromecast


I set out to compare the Fire TV Stick with Chromecast and soon realized that was a mistake. Chromecast has only one function, play whatever video your phone/tablet/computer tells it to. Chromecast turns your television into a big-screen peripheral for … Continue reading

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