JAWS Converter for iOS

Thanks to the Microsoft Cash for Apps program, I had an extra hundred bucks of found money. So just for the hell of it I blew $99 on an Apple iOS developer account. Frankly I was disappointed to learn that, unlike Google’s one time fee of $30, the apple $99 fee is good for only one year. Unfortunately, I had already paid the fee so there was no turning back.

So, for the next 365 days, iPhone/Pad/Pod users will have the ability to install JAWS Converter as a native app. There’s no advantage of the native app over the web site. Yet the Android version is rapidly approaching five thousand installs, surpassing traffic on the web site. People seem to like native apps.

Go grab yourself a copy now! If the iOS numbers start to get close to the Android numbers, I might consider renewing the Apple subscription next year.

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