imageLast Tuesday, I spent about 30 minutes completely beside myself. Apple’s Tim Cook was presenting a preview of the new iOS 7. Everyone following the discussion leading up to this event was expecting a visual redesign of iOS. I was watching out of morbid curiosity.

Word was that Apple was headed for a “flat design”. Tossing out the gradients and textures in favor of solid colors and simple shapes. The best example of this type of design is Microsoft’s “Metro” Interface, found in Windows 8, Windows Phone and XBox. I’m a huge fan of this style and I’ve been an outspoken supporter of Microsoft Windows 8. Personally, I was hoping that Apple would start to turn in that direction.

The presentation turned to Apple’s iOS 7 preview. Right away, it was looking damn familiar. Icon style, layout, even the font. It didn’t look similar to Windows Metro. It looked exactly like Windows Metro. So there I was, beside myself in confusion.  Apple… was copying Microsoft? In visual design? It looks just like Windows. All it was missing was the home screen tiles.

So just for the fun of it I threw together a little quiz, comparing screenshots of Windows 8 and iOS 7. Follow the link and see if you can tell the difference:

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