Chrome Extension: My Tiny Tiny RSS

Last month Google’s spring cleaning announcement, included a rather surprising statement. They announced Google Reader was on the chopping block. Like many, I immediately began a search for alternatives. I finally chose to go with a custom install of Tiny Tiny RSS. It fit nearly all of the criteria that made me love Google Reader. Tiny Tiny RSS is fast, stable and has a very straightforward interface. There’s an Android app that doesn’t sacrifice features. And, best of all, I can host a copy on my own server to guarantee it’s never taken away. All that was missing was an app icon in Chrome for my start page.

I created My Tiny Tiny RSS, a Packaged Chrome App which links to your custom install of Tiny Tiny RSS. On first launch, it asks you for the url of your Tiny Tiny RSS site. Once entered, it is a permanent link to your site. You can install it now, for free, from the Chrome App Store.

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  1. Jayem says:

    No joy.It just don’t work.I have these lines on the verify page.I have tryed to put the write_close there to .. but also no joyIm blank :)Thanks for your wilesngnlis

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