Nothing To Hide?

So, you have nothing to hide? Why are you wearing clothing? Take down your curtains, I’ll be by tonight with my camera. Still have nothing to hide? Post your credit card number, bank account number and social security number on your facebook profile. And while you’re sharing, post that million dollar idea you had. I could use the money.

It’s not like that? It’s about stopping criminals? You’re right, the Christians in ancient Rome were criminals. They had something to hide. Escaped slaves are criminals. They have something to hide. Jews in Germany years ago had something to hide. They were criminals too. So is the homosexual man in many states. They are all criminals and they should have been easier to find.

That’s not a fair example? Those people are oppressed? What about the worker who has proof of his employer’s embezzlement. He doesn’t have anything to hide? The witness to the act of police brutality. Nothing to hide either? The battered wife running from her husband? She certainly has nothing to hide. They are not criminals, and and yet they have something to hide.

You still have nothing to hide? Then it’s not about you. It’s about all the people that do have something to hide.

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