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I have yet another reason to love Android, What does is make it brain dead simple to turn your blog into a native Android app. If you have a wordpress blog, all you have to do is install their plugin. For other blogs, simply point to your rss feed. The app is very customizable, allowing you to change out all images, labels, and colors. I was up and running with a app installed on my droid in under 15 minutes. I spent another hour customizing the app to match my blog theme. The app is hosted on as an .apk download. Registered Android developers ($25 signup fee through Google) can list their apps in the App Market.

If you have an Android phone, hit the QR code, or download link, below to check it out.

Download Link

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2 Responses to, now for Android

  1. Shawn Q says:

    Just curious, how does this compare to the WPtouch plugin for WordPress?

  2. Matt says:

    WPtouch (I’ve been looking into that for adds a mobile friendly interface to your web based blog. They still have to use a web browser. This compiles a native app that installs on an android phone.

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