Facebook App Starter kit

In preparation for the March 10th change I’ve been porting a lot of old fbml apps over to iframe. I noticed that I was copying a lot of the same code every time. So I’ve packaged all of that starter code into a simple project.

The Facebook App Starter Kit automatically loads the Facebook Javascript API and jQuery 1.4.2. It includes:

  • starter javascript file with sample functions to perform an ajax request, do a wall post, request extended permissions, and re-size the facebook iframe around the page content.
  • Eric Meyer’s CSS Reset
  • Starter css file
  • an empty images folder

Just upload to your server, create a new app profile in facebook and replace “YOUR_APP_ID_HERE” in index.html with your App Id.

Visit the google code page to download the project.

And check out the demo on facebook.

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