qrtmI’ve posted in the past on how much I love Remember The Milk for managing my tasks. My first real use of Twitter was when I found out I could use it to update RTM from my mobile phone. However the twitter interface is a little cumbersome. All updates have to be prefixed with “d rtm today” or “tomorrow” or “wednesday”. I had set up text shortcuts but even that required a bunch of clicks through menus. Then it hit me; I’m a .net developer, my crappy phone runs Windows Mobile, why not try out writing mobile apps?

Enter quickrtm, my first attempt at mobile apps. The idea behind quickrtm is to make it as simple as possible to jot down a quick ToDo on my phone. Once the app is installed, click it to launch, enter your todo item and press the “Send” soft key. There’s an optional menu to select a day other than “Today”. You can also press the other soft key to get a list of your current todo items. The app uses the phone’s text messaging so there’s no need for a data plan. Simply follow the instructions on the Remember The Milk site to link it to your Twitter account.

Head over to the quickrtm project page, hosted on Google Code, to check it out.

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