TV Be Gone

notv.gifWell not TV the device, TV the service. I have just made my last payment to the horrible bitch goddess that is subscription programming. I’m generally taken aback and amused by the reactions from people I talk to. The Gen X and Ys don’t care but the Boomers seem to think I’m some sort of social deviant. “You don’t want, ANY, tv? But you’re going to have an antenna, right?” Of course we will still have television shows, via iTunes and other <wink> thanks for the cash NBC </wink> downloads. This is kind of the point of my otherwise meaningless post. The digital download model just makes so much more sense. Why bother programming a DVR when I can subscribe? Why bother waiting for a rerun when I can just download from an archive? Why sit through commercials, aren’t you paying enough already? Sure, the television services offer “on demand” programming, but you have to pay for that on top of your monthly fee. But, most important, why pay $80 a month when you can get exactly what you want for $400 a year.

Over the past two years I’ve been making sporadic posts about my set top box. Now that the whole family is using it exclusively, I suspect I’ll have a lot more content to post about it as I tweak. The $80 a month that formerly went to DirecTV will now go toward iTunes subscriptions and enhancing my setup. Yes, I will be getting an antenna once I can afford the 40 foot ladder I need to install it. In the meantime, my first project will be to figure out how to integrate the television software with Front Row.

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