WTF Nintendo?

gcbuttons.jpgLast night I downloaded Super Mario World for the Wii Virtual Console. I’m usually reluctant to pay eight dollars for a game I can emulate on my DS for free. However, being one of my all time favorites, this one was a no brainer. Imagine my surprise to find out that the game is totally unplayable. The reproduction itself seemed as perfect as I recall the original. However, the button settings for the Game Cube controller are just wrong. If you know the controller, Y = Run, B = Jump and A = Spin Jump. If you don’t know the controller, just imagine driving a car with the accelerator and clutch on the same side. I went from excited to pissed in exactly 30 seconds.

Originally, that rant was going to be the end of this post. Before I started I wanted to see if anyone else wrote about it. It would seem that I am far from alone. Then I noticed a pattern forming in many of the comments. Everyone was recommending the Wii Classic Controller. Interesting. The controller that is practically useless is suddenly the only way to play one of Nintendo’s most famous games? Up until now, there was no need for the Classic Controller. A Game Cube controller worked for all the Classic Controller games, and you needed the Game Cube controller to play Game Cube games. But now, you finally have a need to buy it. Nintendo certainly has a history of rear-ending their fans. I smell something rotten coming from my Wii. What do you think?

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