Pownce Is Not FTP

powncePownce is a new web service created by Kevin Rose of Digg. I’ve been messing around with it for a couple days now and I really like what I see. What Pownce does is take the best parts of a lot of unrelated services and synthesize them into one product. Think of it as equal parts email, IM, Twitter, Tumblr and FTP.

There are a lot of negative opinions about Pownce, most expressing it’s apparent uselessness due to the existence of the above services. I really think these arguments miss the point. Pownce is all of these things rolled into one. You have the quickness and file transfer abilities of IM; The permanence and privacy of email and FTP; The public display and simplicity of Twitter; The simple blogging of Tumblr.

There are a few things I don’t like about Pownce. There’s the fact that none of my friends use it yet. It needs an API, a feature that I consider mandatory for all modern web services. It also needs SMS capability, so I can post from my phone. Considering that Pownce is only weeks old and still open on an invite only basis, I don’t see these limits lasting long.

Pownce it truly a next-gen web application. As its user base increases I can see it becoming one of our primary means of communication. Possibly usurping email and IM, moving those tools to more niche tasks. I have high hopes for Pownce and really want it to succeed.

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