Google Docs Has A Dictionary/Thesaurus

gDictionaryThe great feature that isn’t. A few days ago I came accross a blog entry by Tony Ruscoe about a hidden dictionary feature in google docs. There’s a little snippet of javascript you have to use to turn it on. Three new items are added to the menu when you right-click a word: “Dictionary”, “Encyclopedia”, “Thesaurus”. Using the code from you can grab here: Ruscoe’s article, I created a bookmarklet to turn it on. Just save the following link as a bookmark.


I was surprised to realize that I’ve been using this feature a lot lately. A real honest to goodness dictionary/thesaurus is something I’ve been needing in a word processor for a long time; Mainly because I’m a no talent hack who likes to look up big words as much as possible. This will be a very solid feature for Google Docs when it goes live. Lately I’ve been using Google about 50/50 with OpenOffice. Along with sharable docs and anywhere accessibility I have a compelling reason to use Google almost exclusively. As Google releases more features taking advantage of the web as a platform, it’s going to become very hard to justify those old desktop apps.

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