I Finally Got A Set Top Box!

Front RowOver a year ago, I posted a few entries on my quest to set up a media center PC. The plan was to use MythTV server and a set top client. Eventually I’d have set top PCs connected to every television in the house, download all my shows, and say goodbye to cable. Well, things got busy and I got side tracked but the dream never died.

A couple months ago my good friend Jay sold me his old Mac Mini. It’s the original G4 model but it’s plenty fast and came with a remote, Front Row (not meant to run on that machine), and TV adapter. I hooked it up, added my stuff to iTunes, and viola! Vidcasts on my TV.

There are a few down sides. iTunes is very limited in what formats it will play, so most of my tv shows not purchased through the iTunes store will not play. That’s a really big problem. Second, thanks to Apple’s DRM, I can not authorize this computer to play stuff I purchased because I have already authorized 5 computers. Another BIG problem. I’m looking for alternatives now and I’ll post an update in a week or so on what I find.

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