Mayor Daley, Eat Your Heart Out

Diebold AccuVoteI try to keep my political views to myself, but sometimes things can’t be ignored. For years I’ve been outspoken against computerized voting machines. Not only because, as a professional programmer, I know that they will always be flawed. But also because Diebold, the primary manufacturer of these machines, continues to fail at making a single reliable model, let alone an unhackable one.

I was outraged by a recent report from a Princeton University team. With less than one minute of access to a Diebold machine they were able to steal an election. This report is getting huge press now, even from Fox News, of all places. This is extremely serious. Even if the Diebold machines are locked down (unlikely), the very nature of digital votes makes them unsecure.

These machines need to go away. Despite all of the problems that comes with paper ballots, they will always leave some trail behind. As the Princeton team showed, digital votes can be stolen before they are cast. Please contact your local election board and make it known that digital votes are unacceptable.

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