The elusive iTunes “Suck Bit”

iTunes LogoI had a realization the other day, and I thought I’d throw it out to the web and see what people think. I am now convinced that there is an undocumented feature/bug in iTunes that is known only to the core development team. I have termed this feature the “Suck Bit”.

I tend to keep all of my music in one iTunes playlist and leave it on shuffle. Though Apple claims the shuffle feature to be truly random, every few sessions I find myself repeatedly hitting the “next” button; as it continues to load up the worst songs in the list. Though this happens at random intervals, it happens often enough to be plainly obvious.

This has convinced me that within the iTunes shuffle routine there is a boolean value called PLAY_WORST_ON_LIST. And every few plays, it is set to TRUE. I decided to share this thought with some friends , and all seemed to agree with me in retrospect. Further more, they now seem to notice it on a fairly regular basis too. So, I’m turning to the web for more input. Let me know if you have encountered the Suck Bit on your iTunes.

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