Wow, It’s been a really long time since I last updated. Though I can say I have been busy. Quite a bit has happened, so I thought I’d bring the ‘ol blog up to speed. Early November we finally moved into our new house. Then the holidays came, and overtime at work got bad; for no reason other than bad management and a piss poor development process. I also began to realize that my job was going nowhere fast. I did learn a few valuable lessons though:

  • I can’t be micro-managed.
  • Bad management can halt the simplest of projects.
  • It is possible to run a server farm on MacOS 9, though not recommended.
  • People will pay lots of money for crappy software if the best option is free.
  • I loathe doing “up-to-the-minute” time sheets.

So, in January I began to look for work and catch up on moving in to my new house. The job hunt didn’t last long. February I hooked up with an amazing company, in Fredericksburg no less. Which brings us to March where just last week I began my new job, Designing and Developing web applications, for the GIS division of Essex Corporation. Basically I’m doing the two things I love, interface design and web application programming. Plus, I’m finally working as part of a team of programmers. It couldn’t be a more perfect fit. My only regret is that the position hadn’t been available earlier, so I didn’t have to waste my time at the previous company.

More updates are on the way since I’m now allowed to have a personal life again.

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