Jared: The Butcher of Song

I know in my last update I promised a review of the Lucasarts masterpiece Monkey Island. What I didn’t anticipate was being so busy this past month. Add on the fact that it’s a long freakin’ game and that just doesn’t equate to a review. So instead I decided to throw this crap together.

Those of us Mac users that remember System 7 will also remember a certian singing icon named Jared. Jared didn’t do much, just sing. . . badly. But that is why we loved him, go figure. Jared had come up in a conversation at work recently, and I couldn’t get that song out of my head. I was a big Jared fan back in the day, mainly because it annoyed the hell out of my high school teachers. I even owned the official Jared CD which I obtained at Macworld one year. If you can get a hold of the music <cough>bittorrent</cough>, they’re worth a chuckle or two.

So if that piqued your interest, you’ve got too much free time. If that’s the case, click on to read more about Jared: The Butcher of Song

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