No, my web site isn’t moving again. I personally am moving. My wife and I have sold our townhouse, and are in the process of building a new house. The new place won’t be done for a while, so we are living in transit for now. It’s been more than chaotic for the past two months, but things are starting to settle down. Our house is due to be completed in four months.

As if moving isn’t enough to worry about, I’ve been deluged with work lately. This is good, since houses have a tendency to devour cash. I haven’t forgotten about the web site though. I’m still planning on adding more reviews and tech tips that I come across.

Whatever free time I manage to scrounge up, has been spent on my professional web site, GreenZeta Productions. Earlier this year, I decided to change the name from MW Media to better reflect the domain The name comes from my trademark green alien, referred to as a “Zeta” in some paranormal circles; although Zetas are described as gray in color. The look has been completely redesigned, and I’m now working on the content. My Portfolio has been moved to, and I’m presently working on much needed content. Expect to see changes in it soon.

— Matt

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