Phoenix Rising

It seems like every April goes through a major change. Although it wasn’t my intention, this year was no different. After going through about eight thousand web hosts I have come to one indisputable conclusion:

There are absolutly no good, cheap, windows hosting companies.

So, I’ve decided to try someting new. I moved over to the world of linux. I never had a problem with linux; but as a .Net developer windows servers were easier to work with. However, considering that I can just run all of my .Net stuff off of my professional site I’ve decided to make the switch.

There are a few benefits with this new server. My blog is now running off of WordPress, instead of my home brew stuff. This means easier, and more frequent updates from me. As well as comment sections from you. Considering the number of random visitors that have taken the time to email me over the past few years I’m hoping that even more will post comments.

Lately, my time has been consumed with other things beyond this web site. So if it looks like it’s been dead, that’s why. I’ll post more updates soon, as well as get to that review of the no longer new C64 Direct-to-TV.

— Matt

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