Happy New Year

2004 was a time of big change for my online identity, and my life in general for that matter. In an effort to drive more traffic to my site I started writing tips, tutorials, and retro game reviews. The experiment seems to have paid off since my traffic has increased to about 300 unique visitors a month. It’s not great by Fark standards but it’s a huge jump from the 100 or so visitors I had in the past 5 years. So, a big THANK YOU to you all.

There are plenty of new things planned for 2005. I have in the works some major changes to my business site, MW Media. In addition, I’m going to continue writing tutorials and reviews here on mwilber.com. Some things to look forward to:
D64 Preview

  • Winter Games
  • Google Desk Bar
  • Star Trek 25th Anniversary
  • Using Your Hosts File To Block Ads
  • And, hopefully, lots more!

Coming up this month, a review coming for what is, hands down, the best direct-to-tv game system ever made (insert dramatic music here). I will write nothing more, only leave you with this cryptic photograph.

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