Some Holiday Gifts

Happy Holidays! I’ve got a double post of holiday slanted stuff.

The first item is a flash applet I wrote to print up return address labels. It’s called, you guessed it, Address Label Maker. It sports two Avery standard sizes, and two styles (plain white, and winter). Flash printing still has a way to go, so I’m not sure if the labels will be aligned on the sheet for every printer. All I know is that it works on my Epson 777.

If you use it, PLEASE let me know how it works out. Send me suggestions for future styles while you’re at it. If I don’t hear from anyone I won’t bother to update it in the future. Go Check it out!

The second item is a holiday t-shirt I’ve put up for sale on Cafe Press. This one sports a cartoon I drew last year while watching a TV movie version of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”. In the middle of the movie I got this thought in my head of the Christmas Ghosts sitting in a break room waiting their turn. So, there you have it. There’s a bigger image on the Cafe Press web site. Pick up your own XMas Ghost Break Room T-Shirt and confuse the hell out of your family. While you’re at it you can also get a copy of our A Piece of Ireland: 2005 Calendar, see the post below for more information.

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